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Your kids are ultra excited about Christmas.  They have been extra nice trying to make sure they are not on the Naughty List.  They deserve a litte Christmas Magic! 


Imagine their surprise when they get a  letter straight from the North Pole addressed to them.  Santa seems to know all about them because all the things that are in the letter are personalized.  Santa seems to know all about his/her schoolwork;  that they have been making their bed every morning;  that they have been extra, extra nice to their little sister or brother.  He also knows that they need to improve in......and most of all Santa knows their name! 


This is not your standard, machine printed, letter from a store.  The letter will be printed on a scroll sheet, with hand-written Santa signature, and Santa's official wax seal!  Your child will never forget this letter!  And Mom/Dad it comes with a FREE special gift tag that you can put on that special gift from Santa under the tree for Christmas Morning.

Personalized Letter From Santa Claus

  • The envelope will come addressed to parent.  The envelope inside is meant to be presented to the child.

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