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Check In With Santa!  Everyone wants to know if they are on the Naughty orNice List! 


Schedule Your Virtual Visit Today!


We are proud to offer families the option of having a

faith-based visit with Santa
During a faith-based visit Santa...

May ask your family for prayer requests

Talk about celebrating the birth of Jesus

Share the Nativity Story

End with a family prayer if requested

Click HERE to schedule your faith-based visit you'll never forget!

Girl Praying.png


Letter From Santa Claus

Show me a child whose face will not light up when receiving a letter from Santa Claus.  Your child's letter will be personalized with his/her name and things specifically about them. The letter comes on Santa's parchment paper scroll, embossed with Santa's wax seal and suitable for framing.

Get Your Personalized Letter



Video Message From Santa Claus
Christmas Lights

Santa will record a personalized message to give as a gift, and it is not just for children.  Let your imagination flow -- what about a message to a co-worker, or your best friend.  Messages are made available on YouTube and you receive a private link.

Official Nice List Certificate


It's Official!  Your loved one has made Santa's Nice List!

Introducing the Official Nice List Certificate, a must-have for any child who has made it onto Santa's good list this year. This high-quality certificate features Santa's signature and a special message congratulating your child on their good behavior. It is printed on premium paper and is the perfect keepsake to display proudly on the mantel or in a scrapbook. Give your child the ultimate gift this holiday season with the Official Nice List Certificate. Order now and make this Christmas one to remember

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